Our Mission
To grow and prosper in a family farming environment through constant betterment and improvement in agricultural techniques and business practices.

Windridge Farm was founded in 1954 by Thompson H. Butz. Located in Adamstown, Maryland, the Butz family farm is a place where friends and neighbors feel welcome and know they can turn if they need an extra set of hands to get the day’s work done. Windridge Farm sets its sites on the future in the every changing world of agriculture and the increasing demands for agricultural efficiencies, organic products and farming innovation. Windridge employs the latest techniques including global position satellites to create three dimensional maps of fields and farming effectiveness, alternative and organic fertilizers and chemicals, more efficient equipment, and that is just the beginning. As the world population grows so will the demand for products. Windridge Farm is committed to grow to help meet these demands while maintaining the spirit embodied in working with the land, growing crops and/or animals, and flourishing in a family farming environment.

Products and Services
Windridge Farms offers the following products and services. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can support your current operation and make your farm more efficient.

Agricultural Products (subject to availability)
  • Yellow Corn
  • Regular and food grade soybeans
  • Wheat
  • The full line of Pioneer seed products
  • Hay and straw
  • Custom farming including harvest, planting, fertilizer application and tillage
  • Custom grain drying and storage
  • Custom hauling – call for mileage rates
  • Grain marketing and hedging
  • Consulting to maximize your farm’s efficiency

Pioneer Seed
Windridge Farm is your local Pioneer seed and products dealer. Pioneer and Windridge Farm are committed to the growth and productivity of your farm. With extensive resources deployed to improve your yield, the Pioneer difference will be felt on you bottom line.

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Pioneer: Home Page

Pioneer: Our Business

Wines and Vines

Windridge Farm offers a wide range of vineyard services for growers including:
  • Pre-planting field preparation and tillage
  • Under vine cultivation
  • Vineyard spraying and fertilizing
  • In row leaf removal
Windridge Farm has numerous varieties of grapes for sale. Contact us to find how our fruit can make you the perfect wine.

Windridge is also a dealer and lessor of Clemens Viticultural Equipment. Clemens offers a full line of vineyard planting, maintenance and harvest equipment.

Click here to learn more: Clemens Viticultural Equipment

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PO Box 149
Adamstown, Maryland 21710